• You're a Beauty!

    We believe blokes should take care of themselves by using regular beauty and styling products.

    You do you, and let us deliver the products you need to look and feel, great!

    How it works

How it works

Our bundle builder walks you through the creation of your very own customized bundle of beauty, grooming, and hygiene products.

You pick the products and recurrence, and we'll send your bundle when it's time.

Step 1. We get you started

Our bundle creation service helps you develop a bundle with the right beauty products for you. To get you started we've developed some basic bundle categories to choose from and help define the product suite.

Step 2. Select product categories

Select the categories of beauty products you want to include in your bundle. Choose some or all of our categories, such as bath/shower, beard care, hair styling, skin care, and many more...

Step 3. Select your products

Now that we know who you are and what type of beauty products you are looking for, we'll provide our available products for you to choose from. Be frugal with our cost-effective product selections, or step it up with our premium product offerings. The choice is yours.

Step 4. Set bundle recurrance

We let you choose how often your bundle is delivered to you, select from monthly, every two months, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. We'll suggest the best fit based on your product selection to help you choose the right recurrence to prevent you from running out before your next bundle arrives.

Step 5. Confirm and pay

Confirm your bundle, pay, and wait for your first Beauty for Blokes bundle to arrive. Typically we pack your bundle the next day and it arrives within 5 business days.

Step 6. You're a Beauty!

Once your bundle arrives let us know by taking a snap of you and your bundle and use the hashtag #youreabeauty to post on social media. Why? Because you're a beauty!

Watch the video about our new products

+1500 Mens beauty, grooming, and hygiene products

We've worked with numerous brands and distrbutors to make available a full range of products for your bundles. Whether you're looking for premium high-end grooming products or economical everyday products, we've got you covered.

  • Bluebeards - Original Fresh Mint Beard Saver

  • Bolin-Webb - Face balms

  • Dapper Dan - Beard Care

  • Dapper Dan - Pomades

  • Dapper Dan - Vegetable Soaps

  • Floid - Aftershaves

  • Jack and Dean - Bodywashes

  • Jack and Dean - Pomades

  • Kent - Shaving creams

  • Lea - Aftershave

  • Lea - Shaving soaps

  • Merkur - Shaver and razors

  • Rockwell - Soaps

  • Uppercut - Pomades

  • Uppercut - Soaps

  • Capt. Fawcett's - Moustache Wax

  • Clubman - Citrus Musk Cologne

  • Progress Vulfix - Badger Shaving Brush

  • Mr. Gladstone - Cologne

Get started building your bundle

Once you signup for a Beauty for Blokes account you can start building your bundle. We'll save your progress so you don't have to finish it right away. Take your time, get feedback from your spouse or partner, determine if you want to start out small or go big. And when you're ready, we'll be ready.


Each bundle is personalized by you with the help
of our bundle builder.
So you set the price and recurrence.

Young Blokes

For the blokes teetering on manhood.

  • The perfect starting point for young blokes between 18-25ish looking for beauty products to keep it cool and stylish.
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Smooth Blokes

For those blokes who choose to keep it close and clean shaven.

  • Start here if you're the kind of bloke that keeps a pristine, smooth, clean shaven face - wether you shave once a day or once a week.
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Bearded Blokes

The blokes among us able to grow the grandest of beards require special attention.

  • Start here if your the kind of bloke that puts time into the perfectly manicured beard.
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Distinguished Blokes

For those blokes who've stood the test of time and know what it takes to stay dapper.

  • Start here if your a seasoned vet and know the secret to looking young is taking care of yourself.
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  • This is awesome, no more trips to the grocery store or department store to buy a single product, or deal with crowds. My bundle turns up every three months and I'm all set
    Roger Lazy
    Vernon, BC
  • This service saves me time and money, the same products I can get locally for the same price, or cheaper, all delivered to my door. Yeah, I'm a beauty!
    Jim Stone
    Regina, SK
  • Besides the convieneince of the delivered bundles, I found some cool products I can't find anywhere else. My hair style has been elevated!
    John Smith
    Edmonton, AB

Get Started

We're not quite ready to start packing bundles just yet...

But please let us know that you're interested and we'll contact you as soon as we launch.

Blokes on our pre-launch list will get a once in a lifetime discount on their bundles. So don't miss out!

Beauty For Blokes

It's our mission to bring quality beauty products to blokes of all shapes and size without the hassle of traditional shopping woes.

To find out more about Beauty for Blokes email: info@beautyforblokes.com